Canon (UK) Limited of Cockshot Hill, Woodhatch, Reigate, Surrey RH2 8BF (“Canon”) may offer, from time to time and at its sole discretion, one or more incentives to sales personnel employed by eligible Canon Authorised Partners (“Partners”) to support the sale of certain Canon models through such Partners during specified periods (“Incentives” / “Incentive”).  Canon shall release details of any Incentives to Partners in writing.

The Incentives shall be open to eligible sales personnel of eligible Partners, as set out in clause 3 of the Terms (“Participants”), who sell qualifying Canon models that are purchased from Canon UK & Ireland by the Partner and invoiced to the Partner by Canon during the period notified by Canon (“Incentive Period”).  All Incentives are subject to these Terms.  Where a Participant makes qualifying sales in relation to an Incentive during the relevant Incentive Period, each qualifying sale may attract an award value, as determined by the type of Canon model sold (“Award Value”). 

The Award Value will be fulfilled in the form of a pre-paid Visa® Card Incentive Award Card as chosen by Canon (“Card”), issued to each Participant by the Card issuer operating such Card (“Card Issuer”).  

On receipt and successful validation by Canon of a claim by a Participant, in accordance with these Terms, the Award Value will be uploaded by Canon to the Card of that Participant.  

The Card can then be used by the Participant to spend the funds uploaded onto the Card at retailers/outlets accepting the Visa® Prepaid Card. The Card cannot be used to withdraw cash from an ATM, get cashback from a retailer, or purchase goods/fuel at a service station pay at pump – further terms of use will apply and details will be supplied to the Participant by the Card Issuer with the Card.

The Incentives shall be between Canon and the Participant and shall be governed by the Incentive Criteria (as notified to the Partner by Canon) and the Terms and Conditions set out in this document (together the “Terms”).  Cards will be issued with their own terms of use as between the Participant and the Card Issuer.

1) Qualifying Models and Award Values

Awards will be allocated to Participants submitting claims against qualifying Canon machine models as detailed in the relevant Incentive (“Qualifying Models”).

Only the Canon models specified in an Incentive which have been sold by Canon UK & Ireland to the relevant Partner on the basis of standard Partner price or local government, education and medical (LGEM) pricing will be eligible to qualify under the Incentive.

Any Project Funded deals including tenders must be agreed with your Canon Sales Development Manager prior to the claim being submitted.

2) Award Limits

There is no limit to the total reward which can be claimed by any individual Participant in relation to the Incentives.

3) Participants

Eligible Participants are sales people who are employed by one of the Partners who have been sent a communication from Canon inviting them to participate in an Incentive and whose Dealer Principal/Sales Manager have given express written consent for the sales person in question to participate in such Incentive.

4) How to claim

In order to be eligible for an award for an Incentive, Participants must register via the Canon Partner Reward’s Portal and agree to be bound by these Terms (by ticking the relevant box on the Portal).

Once registered, all participants will be given a unique username and a password which will act as confirmation of registration. This will be emailed to the individual by (who is acting as an agent of Canon) to the email address provided.

Login details are sent only when the participant’s registration has been approved by the relevant Canon representative.

The Participant must submit serial numbers of all machines to be claimed within each relevant month during the Incentive Period by the 3rd of the following month after the sale (“Claim”) For example claims for January must be submitted by 3rd February and so on throughout the Incentive Period.

Staff can register at any time during the incentive but please note that staff will need to register before 12.00 midnight on the 3rd day of the following month in order to claim for eligible sales achieved in the previous month. For example, staff would need to register by 3rd April to be able to submit claims for eligible sales in March.

Please email or contact the Canon hotline on +44(0)800 044 3251 (Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm excluding public holidays) if you have any questions about the incentive structure or awards.

For questions related to your sales status please contact your Canon Account Manager who is responsible for approving/rejecting the sales.

All Claims must be agreed by the Partner to confirm:

  1. That the Participant is an employee of the Partner;
  2. That the Participant has sold the machine specified by the serial number in the Claim.
  3. That the sales person is eligible to participate in the Incentive and has met the internal sales target set by the Partner.

Canon/its representatives will verify each Claim in its absolute discretion (for example, to ensure the Claim has been made by an eligible Participant, that there is no duplication of claims, that machines have been sold in the Incentive Period etc).

After verification of a Claim, Canon will issue instructions to the Card Issuer for the uploading of verified Award Values awarded by Canon for that Claim onto a Card in accordance with clause 5.   

Participants will be notified by email of the total value of the Award made by Canon to the Participant’s Card in relation to their claims made during the relevant Incentive Period.

Canon will endeavour to process Claims and notify the Participants of the outcome of their Claim within 28 days from the 3rd of the month following submission of the Claim.

For quarterly incentives Canon will endeavour to process Claims and notify the Participants of the outcome of their Claim within 28 days from the 3rd of month of the month following the end of the quarter following submission of the Claim.


Where the Participant does not already hold a Card for the purposes of receiving Award Values from Canon, Canon shall request that the Card Issuer opens a new account in the Participant’s name (“Request”).  Subject to the acceptance by the Card Issuer of the Request, Award Values will be loaded onto the new Card opened in the Participant’s name, which shall be sent by the Card Issuer to the individual at their home address.  For any subsequent eligible Claims made by the Participant, any Award Value will be uploaded onto the Participant’s existing Card with the Card Issuer throughout the Incentive Period.

Cards will be received together with separate terms and conditions of use applicable between the Participant and the Card Issuer, in relation to the Participant’s use of the Card, which can be viewed at:

The Card Issuer’s terms and conditions of use set out instructions as to how to activate the Card and how the Participant will receive a PIN number for the Card.  Participants must read, accept and comply with the Card Issuer terms and conditions, as amended by the Card Issuer from time to time.  Failure to do so may mean that the Participant cannot receive or access any Award Values awarded by Canon.  Activation of the Card indicates acceptance of the Card Issuer terms and conditions and the rights, obligations and risks referred in those terms.

Participants accept that their contract in respect of their use of the Card will be with the Card Issuer pursuant to the Card Issuer terms and conditions and Canon shall have no liability to the Participant Card holder or the Card Issuer or any third party in respect of the Card or its use.

The Card Issuer, and/or other third parties involved in the provision of the Cards, may refuse to issue Cards to certain Participants without explanation.  If this happens in relation to any Participant then Canon may exclude that Participant from the Incentives without liability and Canon will have no obligation to offer any alternative reward to that Participant.

The Participant acknowledges that the Card cannot be used for the following:


Automated Fuel Dispensers (Pay at Pump)

Manual Cash Disbursements (CASH ADVANCE)

Automated Cash Disbursements (ATM)

Betting; Casino Gaming Chips, Off Track Betting, Race Track Wagers

Race Tracks

Participants must refer to the Card Issuer terms and conditions for full details, which can be found at the following link

If you need a replacement card for any reason, or if the card is lost or stolen please contact the Prepaid hotline 033 333 629 71 for UK residents and 016 992 196 if you are resident in Ireland. The lines are open from Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm (excluding public holidays).

5) General Terms and Conditions

  1. By participating in an Incentive and submitting a Claim in respect of the Incentive, Participants agree to be bound by the Terms.

  2. The unique username and password determined at registration should be kept confidential and the username used in all correspondence relating to the incentive. Under no circumstance will the administrators of this promotion request your password. Do not supply your password in any circumstance.

  3. The decision of Canon (and/or its agents) as to the eligibility of Participants or as to whether or not to authorise a Claim shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  4. No Award Values will be awarded until the details on the Claim form have been verified to Canon’s satisfaction.

  5. Award Values are not transferable and are not exchangeable for cash in any circumstances, or for other items.

  6. All Award Values offered are subject to:

    - The Participant having complied with the Terms.
    - The Participant still being employed by the Canon Authorised Partner as at the date the awards are claimed. Any Participant who leaves, gives notice to leave or who has their contract terminated, for whatever reason, prior to an award being claimed will forfeit their award. 
    - The Partner still being a Canon Authorised Partner as at the date the Award Value is awarded by Canon and no notice of termination has been served by Canon or the Partner under the Partner Accreditation Agreement.
    - The Partner’s account with Canon is up to date and the Partner is complying with all the terms of its Partner Accreditation Agreement with Canon.

  7. Income tax: Canon is not responsible for any tax or any other claims made on any of the Participants in respect of any of the taxable benefits awarded under an Incentive. Any tax liability arising in respect of a reward by Canon under an Incentive will be the responsibility of the individual Participant. Participants may request a certificate detailing their awards by contacting The Tax Manager, Canon(UK) Ltd, Woodhatch, Reigate, Surrey, CR20DG, 01737 220000.

  8. The Class 1A National Insurance Contributions liable on the value of any award made by Canon will be borne by Canon (UK) Ltd.

  9. Canon reserves the right to withdraw, amend or change any Incentive without prior notice or liability to the Participant or Partner.

  10. The Qualifying Models are subject to availability. Canon (UK) Ltd reserves the right to alter, replace or remove any Qualifying Model from an incentive at any time.

  11. Improper use/bribery and corruption: Participants shall not utilise their Cards in any way which is in breach of the Card Issuer’s terms and conditions or is in any way improper or in breach of anti-bribery law and regulation. Participants must comply with their employer’s anti-bribery and corruption policies and procedures when participating in any Incentive and/or utilising their Cards. Participants must not utilise their Cards to offer, promise or give a financial or other advantage to another person in order to induce that person to perform a function or activity (for example, any activity connected with a business) improperly or reward such performance.

  12. Data protection/privacy: By participating in an Incentive and submitting a Claim in respect of an Incentive, the Participant consents that (i) Canon and its authorised agents/representatives, business partners, suppliers and subcontractors may process any personal data provided by or collected from the Participant in connection with the Incentive for the purpose of administering the Incentive, including but not limited to processing Claims; providing any Award Values to the Participant; and providing the Participant with information and communications in relation to Incentives; and (ii) Canon may share the Participant’s information with the Card Issuer for the purpose of providing the Award Values to the Participant, including but not limited to the opening of an account with the Card Issuer; and the issuance of a Card to the Participant.

  13. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, which prohibit Canon from invoicing the Partner for any order placed for Qualifying Models for any reason beyond its control, the achievement will still be calculated on the actual invoices raised during the Incentive Period. Any Qualifying Models returned, other than for repair, will be deducted from the invoice total.  This includes credits for Qualifying Models during the Incentive Period.

6) Disclaimers

  1. Canon shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any nature howsoever caused, sustained by any Participant under or in connection with an Incentive. However, nothing in these Terms shall have the effect of excluding or restricting Canon's liability for personal injury or death caused by the proven negligence of Canon.

  2. Canon shall not be liable for any failure to fulfil an Incentive where such failure is caused by any supervening circumstances amounting to force majeure. Such circumstances shall include, but shall not be limited to, severe weather conditions, fire, flood, war, earthquake, riots, industrial dispute, terrorism, acts of God, supervening legislation, or events, which, without the fault of either party, render performance impossible or incapable of satisfactory execution.

7) Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them or their subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.